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Denton College Student Defense

Hank is one of 10 lawyers in the state to be both Criminal and Juvenile Board Certified.

In you are a student and charged with an offense you will possibly face problems on two fronts:  Legal and Academic.

Scholarship students may lose financial aid or be removed from school.

Drug crimes carries special risks since, if you are convicted, you may lose eligibility for federal financial aid.

College students can face a wide variety of criminal charges, but some are more common than others.  Examples include:

  • Alcohol related charges such as DUI, DWI, Public Intoxication and possession of a fake ID.
  • Drug possession
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Assault or Sexual Assault.

While some of these offenses are more serious than others, they all can have harsh consequences, including a permanent criminal record.

Even if the charges are later dismissed or never filed, an arrest can still result in a student conduct code violation

Your future is the only one that you will ever have.   A conviction or suspension from school can be highly damaging.

Avoid potentially negative repercussions by having a strong legal advocate by your side throughout all administrative and court proceedings.   Call the Law Office of Henry C. Paine, Jr. at 940-382-4200.

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