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Criminal Defense in Denton, Cooke, & Wise Counties

If you are facing criminal charges in Denton Texas, you are likely concerned about what the outcome of your case will be; will you be sentenced to jail or prison or be placed on a period of probation? Will you lose a professional license or possibly be unable to travel for work related purposes? Will this end quickly or drag on for months and possibly years? Will anyone listen to your side of the story?

Hank is one of 10 lawyers in the state to be both Criminal and Juvenile Board Certified.

In criminal cases in the Denton area, there is nothing more important than choosing the services of an experienced local criminal defense lawyer to fight for you and your future. Attorney Henry Paine has been defending those facing serious criminal charges for over 40 years.

Attorney Henry Paine routinely handles the following types of criminal matters below.

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